Mar 4th, 2013

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We are beginning a new cycle of strength/ mobility that will start march 4th 2013 and last 8 weeks total. We just finished up a 6 week wave following the westside conjugate method. The next 8 weeks of strength training are based on Jim Wendler’s book: 5/3/1. This program will be based around 5 movements, listed in the order we will cycle through them:

A: 3″ platform sumo deadlift
B: overhead squat
C: floor press
D: thruster
E: Push/split jerk

We will do a minimum of three strength days a week (MON,WEDS,FRI).TUES,THURS,SAT we will focus on olympic lifts, speed/agility and wods. All of the programming will be based around the 1RM for the above movements (when you see 75%, you are taking 75% of your 1RM).

Each movement will have 4 phases. We will cycle through all the movements before going on to the next phase.
Phase 1: warm-up 2 SETS 50%X10, 75% X 5, 80% X 5, 85% X AMRAP
Phase 2: warm-up2 SETS 50%X8, 80% X 3, 85% X 3, 90% X AMRAP
Phase 3: warm-up2 SETS 50%X8, 75% X 5, 85% X 3, 95% X AMRAP
Phase 4: (deload), 60% X 5, 65% X 5, 70% X 5
After the first cycle (completion of all 4 phases), we will retest the 1RM for the 5 exercises.

The strength cycle will look something like this:
Week 1: A1, B1, C1
Week 2: D1, E1, A2
Week 3: B2, C2, D2
Week 4: E2, A3, B3
Week 5: C3, D3, E3
Week 6: A4, B4, C4
Week 7: D4, E4, A1

This strength protocol will replace the current strength regimen we are using but will not interfere with the WOD’s. Our physical training will continue as usual, i.e. warm-up, skills, strength, WOD, cool down.

Bodyweight areas of focus for the next 8 weeks:
1: Muscle up
2: Handstand walk
3: L-sit
4: v ups
5: skin the cat/ front lever
6: pistols/ footwork

I realized after doing the testing we are a little weak in rowing so over the next 8 weeks we will focus on wods that involve rowing.

1: Jackie
2: christine
3: 2000 m row for time
4: small

The intent of today’s post is to provide some insight for you about the next 8 weeks of programming at our gym if anyone has questions or anything in particular they want to work on feel free to ask me Rick or any of the other trainers. Ok guys and girls Im really excited to start this new strength/power phase, I see a bunch of new PR’s in our future. Keep up the hard work everyone and I will see you at D7

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