Brandon Lily “cube method”

Mar 31st, 2015

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Brandon Lily “cube method”

Congratulations guys and girls you made it, you survived the open. Great job to everyone who competed this year and everyone who did the open wods every Monday for the last 5 weeks it was really tough and we learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses. We all have a lot to work on over the next year, now that the open is over we are starting our year over and we will be focusing on building up our foundational strength and muscle endurance over the next couple months. Next Monday we will start a new 10 week strength phase following Brandon Lily cube method, We will do a minimum of three strength days a week (MON,WEDS,FRI). We will be focusing on Bench press, squat and deadlift . All of the programming will be based around the 1RM for the above movements (when you see 75%, you are taking 75% of your 1RM).
This strength protocol will replace the current strength regimen we are using but will not interfere with the WOD’s. Our physical training will continue as usual, i.e. warm-up, skills, strength, WOD, cool down. I will also be opening the gym on Sundays for a bodybuilding style wod that follows the cube method for anyone who is interested.
The intent of today’s post is to provide some insight for you about the next 10 weeks of programming at our gym if anyone has questions or anything in particular they want to work on feel free to ask me Rick or any of the other trainers. Im really excited to start this new powerlifting phase and start getting ready for next years open, I see a bunch of new PR’s in our future. Keep up the hard work everyone and I will see you at D7.

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