Feb 18th, 2013

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OK people we just finished our first 6 week strength phase of the new year and we did two 3 week strength phases back to back following the westside conjugate method. We made some huge improvements in our front squats, bench press and handstand push ups. I’m really happy with the improvements we have been making using the west side method check out there site its a great site with tons of info I recommend reading the articles if you have time.

We all worked really hard over the last 6 week and did a lot of heavy lifting, the purpose of the deload week is to keep training while still allowing your body to fully recover and grow stronger. So this week we will ramp down the intensity and focus on higher reps and longer distances, we are still going to work on technique, mobility and weightlifting/ power lifting movements with light loads or bodyweight exercises, along with some lighter cardio/conditioning.

After we take a week to recover and get stronger we will come back the next week and do our level 1 testing and focus on getting our official times on 4 or 5 benchmark wods without a 20 minute strength workout before attempting it like we normally do.

Keep up the good work see you at D7.

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